Asad Adams

Full Stack Developer· Sunyani, Ghana·

I have 4+ years of professional development experience building fullstack and cross platform products from scratch, developing and integrating APIs, working with a variety of databases more recently developing mobile applications with React Native.


What I Do
  • Web Application Development
  • Cross Platform Mobile Application
  • Cross Platform Desktop Application
  • API integration & Development
  • Cloud integration



Music service

Raadyo is a Ghanaian based music service, it is a streaming and online music store. Raadyo’s mission is to empower artists to showcase their music to their fans. Meanwhile letting fans to get in touch to music from their favorite artists with ease. Download and stream music from your favorite artists and musicians. Raadyo is available for the windows desktop and android platforms Visit and check out the the desktop and android apps here.


Website for artist Kelz

A Website for professional recording artist "Kelz" . Website for Kelz to showcase his music, shows , information about himself and also to sell his merch. Visit to buy his Merch


Online Therapy Service

BeHappyTherapist is a Ghanaian based online therapy service. The mission of BeHappyTherapist is to make professional counseling accessible, affordable, convenient - so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere. This is to help people find therapists online and chat with them. Visit BeHappyTherapist. You can help by donating. Click here to donate

Shopy POS

Point of Sale Application

Shopy POS is an inventory and point of sale application designed for retail shops.Click here to request a quote for shopy now!


A Quran verse chrome extension

This is a Quran verses chrome extension. This extension that generates verses from the Quran whenever is opened. You also get a notification within time periods with verses from the Quran. Download from the chrome webstore


A weather chrome extension

This is a weather chrome extension. This extension provides the temperature for a particular location, and also shows a five days forecast. Download from the chrome webstore

Mazzuma Node.js Library

A node package

The Mazzuma Node library provides convenient access to the mazzuma API from applications written in server-side JavaScript.

Blocks Framework

A minimal PHP Framework

Blocks is a very minimal PHP framework for building web applications.

Blocks CLI

Blocks framework CLI

This is a command line (CLI) tool for interacting with Blocks Framework.

Electron React Boilerplate

This is a really simple and minimal Electron + React boilerplate to get you started with a project. This project use a Webpack as a module bundler to React ES2015 to vanilla JS.

Mongo Express Node Boilerplate

A simple mongodb express node boilerplate.


Node Twitter Bot

TwitBot is a twitter bot built in node. This bot tweets a programmer's quote every hour, tweet to a user if followed and replies to tweet.


Apart from being a full stack developer, I enjoy watching sci-fi movies and TV shows. I'm also into anime. I think my favorite TV show of all time is Doctor Who. I also spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest programming technologies and advancements